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Maximize your Army Combat Fitness Test scores with our ACFT calculator. Input your details, and ensure you’re combat-ready according to the latest April 2022 standards.

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Welcome to the ultimate ACFT Calculator, your key to unlocking peak performance in the Army Combat Fitness Test. Are you ready to surpass your limits and achieve unparalleled fitness levels? Our ACFT score calculator is not just a tool; it’s your personal roadmap to excellence, tailored to the latest April 2022 standards. Whether you’re a seasoned soldier or a newcomer, this calculator is your first step toward a fitter, more combat-ready you. Don’t wait for tomorrow; the path to your best self starts here. Empower your training with precision and take control of your fitness journey now!

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ACFT Events

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate the physical readiness and combat capability of soldiers. The test consists of six challenging events, each targeting different aspects of physical fitness:

  1. Maximum Deadlift (MDL): This event measures lower body strength. Soldiers are required to perform a deadlift with a hex bar, lifting the maximum weight possible in two attempts.
  2. Standing Power Throw (SPT): This event assesses upper body explosive power. Soldiers throw a 10-pound medicine ball backward as far as possible.
  3. Hand Release Push-Ups (HRP): This event evaluates upper body endurance. Soldiers perform push-ups with a hand release mechanism, ensuring full range of motion.
  4. Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC): This event measures agility, anaerobic capacity, and muscular endurance. Soldiers sprint, drag a sled, carry kettlebells, and perform lateral shuffles in a timed course.
  5. Plank (PLK): This event assesses core strength and stability. Soldiers hold a plank position for as long as possible, up to a maximum of four minutes.
  6. Two-Mile Run (2MR): This event evaluates aerobic endurance. Soldiers run two miles as quickly as possible on a flat, measured course.

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ACFT Scoring

The ACFT scoring system is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a soldier’s physical fitness. Each event has a maximum score of 100 points, with a total possible score of 600 points. The scoring criteria are based on gender and age group, reflecting the diverse physical capabilities of soldiers. The grading scales show the minimum and maximum scores for each event, ensuring that soldiers meet the necessary standards for combat readiness.

MDL (lbs)Female100210230230230210210190190170170
SPT (meters)Female1008.
HRP (reps)Female10053504847413635302424
SDC (m:ss)Female1001:551:551:551:592:022:092:112:182:262:26
PLK (m:ss)Female1003:403:353:303:253:203:203:203:203:203:20
2MR (mm:ss)Female10015:2915:0015:0015:1815:3015:4915:5816:2917:1817:18
ACFT Scoring Chart

To calculate your ACFT score enter your age, gender, and raw scores for each event into our ACFT calculator, and it will automatically compute your overall score and individual event scores. The calculator provides a clear and easy-to-understand breakdown of your performance, helping you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time. For more information, you can use the new ACFT Standards as a reference.

By regularly assessing your fitness levels through the ACFT, you can ensure that you are maintaining the necessary physical standards for your role in the Army and are prepared for the demands of combat.



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